Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Still Like You (Joellen Cabot)

If you've been to our website or any of our social networking sites lately, I'm sure you've noticed that we are offering a free download of our song "I Still Like You".  We hope you will download it and add it to your player!  I have been asked quite a few times about how we came up with the idea for the song, so I thought I would give you an inside look as to how it came together.

One night at band rehearsal we were noodling around with some ideas for a new song and Doug presented an idea he had been working on. We were looking for something a little heavier than the last few songs we had written and the riff he was playing was perfect.  After jamming on it for a while and coming up with the "bones" of the song, we decided to lay down a rough track so Stephan and I could have something solid to work vocal ideas off of.  This song, like many of our songs, had some weird parts and changing time signatures, so we knew it would be a challenge to put a memorable vocal line and hook to it.  Anyway, just as we were wrapping up rehearsal and breaking down our gear for the night, we started talking about the song and how weird some of the parts were, when someone said, "yeah, it's so weird, but I still like it".  Well, Stephan got a big smile on his face and said, "I got an idea for the vocal theme!  Let me work on it."  So, he took the song home, changed up the line to "you're so weird, but I still like you" and penned the lyrics and melody almost overnight.  Pretty cool, huh?  You just never know where a song idea will come from!  

Oh, one more tidbit for your mental file.  During the studio recording and mix-down of the song, we were searching through the track to check levels and such, and happened to stop on the line "I could get used to it"  Well, actually, we landed on the last part of the line "to it".  Steve Avedis, who engineered and helped produce our latest album, came up with the idea of taking the two words "to it", which sound like "do it" and starting the song with them (brilliant, Steve).  So, a little cut and paste and voila, a song is born! So there you have it, the story behind the song.

By the way, the song is about a girl and a hot "nerd".  (Does anyone even use that word anymore?)

C ya soon.

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