Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zen Again by Joellen Cabot


Well, after our hiatus, last week we had our first band rehearsal and it was very productive! Amazingly, it was as though we had never taken time off.  I guess that's the sign of a band that's in tune with one another (no pun intended).  It was so good to see the faces I hadn't seen in a while, they have become my extended family, to be sure.  The guys in this band are wonderfully talented and it is a pleasure to make music with them.

It is our goal this year to really focus on getting our music in front of as many listeners as possible.  Along the way we will be sending out newsletters including new and old releases for you to listen to, with hopes that you will provide us with your feedback.  For those of you that have seen us live, there are some cool changes in store for our show, we will be adding a few "interesting" interpretations of cover songs along with a couple of acoustic variations of our songs.  We also intend to play a few venues that provide for a more intimate setting, where we will get to perform our music "unplugged".

So many people have asked when our next show will be, we will be sending out updates to our calender soon, or you can always go to the website for more information.  If you want to stay up to date with Tempting Zen, please join our mailing list below and of course visit us on Facebook as well.

Until next time.

Joellen w/ Tempting Zen

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Until next time.

Joellen w/Tempting Zen

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